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   Operation points of automatic book box assembly machine produced by Wenzhou Donghong machinery Date:2018-8-23

Operation points of automatic book box assembly machine produced by Wenzhou Donghong machinery

First of all: first, before starting the automatic book box assembly machine, check the nozzle of the glue spraying nozzle and the pressure of the air pipe. We suggest that the customer do a small glue spraying experiment before starting the machine. If the machine is not started for a long time, the nozzle will be blocked. If it is blocked, you can't force it open with sharp tools such as needles, It is recommended that the user unscrew the nozzle and soak it in gasoline. It won't take long for the glue to melt

Secondly: the full-automatic book box assembly machine should check the tightness of the conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt is loose, it will lead to inaccurate feeding, and the feeding conveyor belt system will have errors, and finally lead to the paper feeding position is not in place. Teach you a way, as long as you measure a point at the edge of the original conveyor belt position, then set the program to walk one meter, and measure the actual error with a steel tape after walking, If not, tighten the conveyor belt tensioning roller, and then conduct the second experiment. If the conveyor belt tensioning force is aligned, the servo paper feeding size will be aligned. If it is inaccurate after tensioning, modify the servo parameters

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